Solving global problems, creating impact and influencing the society are the driving forces of the Social Impact Lab. For four years now, we have been creating space for the young people, the potential social entrepreneurs and the early start ups to work on establishment of their future ventures and we have inspired them to develop their potential.

We also pay particular attention to the already established businesses, looking for opportunities for know-how exchange, networking and eager to replicate good practices.

Currently we operate from Skopje, North Macedonia where we bring together different connectors of the (social) entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country.

Bridging new ideas, creating impact, strengthening networks, Social Impact Lab runs several programmes dedicated to fostering impact entrepreneurship, among which: ROSE programme: focused on capacity-building of rural and organic enterprises in communication; Raw & Grow programme: reinforcing sustainable development and accelerating organic production enterprises, with a focus on business-modelling and Grow Your Raw programme: generating organic ideas and helping aspiring entrepreneurs transform into businesses. 

In the core of its programmes is the international exchange and partnership, as SIL firmly believes in the exchange of success stories, and in the power of building social capital for stronger social economies. The company brings experience collaborating with different entities in the fields of social entrepreneurship, events management, visual communications, web and social media content development, among which: schools, civil society organizations, intermediary organizations supporting entrepreneurship, public bodies, private entities.

Having the impact in its core, SIL’s profit finds its way to go back in the community. More than 20 businesses have boosted their capacities thanks to the acceleration programmes of SIL, whereas 100+ participants have benefited from its trainings, workshops and mentoring sessions. Social Impact Lab is a spin-off of the Association for Education Mladiinfo International, a well-recognized youth CSO in particular in the area of Southeast and Central Europe, that for 11 years now develops programs in the fields of youth information, empowerment and social entrepreneurship for youth. SIL has an experienced staff with background in entrepreneurship, media and communications and event management, as well as its portfolio is enriched with managing projects from different, mostly European, donors.

Sanja Cvetkovikj

Sanja is the person who makes sure young people get quality and timely information and stands behind every word and the questions of thousands of followers for all entries found on our website and social media. Sanja is the “fresh pair of eyes” in the office, examining the grammar and content of our writings, and is responsible for managing and supporting the Mladiinfo online volunteering community. She provides assistance to our beneficiaries and marketing clients too, keeping the quality and image of the Mladiinfo brand on the highest level. The web content and marketing services of Mladiinfo are executed by Mladiinfo’s spin-off company Social Impact Lab, providing consultancy and expertise in communication, marketing, and social entrepreneurship.