Social Innovators Conference

In 2016, the 1st Social Innovators Conference was launched in Skopje, inspired by the idea that social innovation can bring positive inspiration and transformation to a community. Dozens of partners, volunteers and passionate people from Central&Eastern Europe answered the call to help create Skopje’s first regional #SocInv conference. The year-long efforts in the field of awareness-raising for social businesses end with this conference. At this conference, all interested people have the opportunity to listen to various inspirational speakers from the country, the region and the world, to get to know their stories and ways of running social businesses. At the conference the successful local social businesses have their own Expo. The goal of this event is to encourage the motivation and innovation of people living in our country and to point out to the fact that social entrepreneurship is an opportunity for a successful career and way of life.

What was happening on #SocInv conference 2017:

  • 8 extraordinary speakers from different countries, across Europe
  • Expo of social businesses in Macedonia, providing stories and products to the participants
  • Impact booth with different engagement games
  • Host conference of the CEE gathering of Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN)
  • Panel discussion with important stakeholders of the region, including State Secretary of Republic of Slovenia, Tadej Slapnik and President of GSEN, Krisztina Tora
  • Final ceremony and announcement of Social Impact Award 2017 winners in Macedonia
  • Good vibes and cheering and everything networking can bring 🙂

The idea for the first conference in 2016 was inspired by the idea that social innovation can bring positive inspiration and transformation to a community. 10 memorable speeches was featured and heard by more than 250 people from Macedonia and the Balkan region.

You can find some videos from the conference in 2016 👇

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