The Grow Your Raw project (2018-2019) aimed to expand the partnership to new startup community members in the country and also to provide new potential cooperation with 2 more European partners. However the goal of the project was through a strategic approach, highly participatory and engaging activities as well as through building the capacities of the participating institutions from 5 countries to empower adults to get into organic production businesses as well as to develop and accelerate their startup enterprises by bringing them closer to this sustainable model of production. In the same time, the idea was to jointly address the organic production and not only to inspire start-ups and entrepreneurs to embrace this concept, but also unemployed adults to consider it as a tool and response to their unemployment.
In the previous edition of the project Social Impact Lab, together with the project partners enabled 8 startups from Macedonia to explore same/similar enterprises in Slovenia and France. The second edition of the project provided chances for more startups (including staff and learners) from the participating countries to collaborate and to build their networks, as well as to learn more about business development of organic enterprises, potential branding and available resources in funding for growing and scaling their businesses.

The main project idea was to empower adults through exchange of experiences to gain an opportunity to learn, practice and promote organic and sustainable production as one of the ways to self employment, opening of own businesses or innovative social entrepreneurship.

In addition, the project empowered adults to develop sustainable organic production projects in their communities thereby, enhancing their skills and knowledge and transforming them into active citizens of the society. 

This program was developed in order to increase the business potentials for organic enterprises. Such an innovative programme was strongly focused on the use of ITC methods and tools in bringing organic production closer to the adults and in an adult-friendly language and it will incorporate the best practices developed. Moreover, such a programme was first of a kind in Macedonia, where the organic production has not been widely developed and is mostly an area of interest of young adults only. The project was paved the way to a strategic approach for exchanging best practices in startup organic world between entrepreneurs  from France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Greece and and Macedonia.

This program was develop with our partners New Deal Institut from France, Aurora Co-working Space from Slovenia, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development from Greece, European Development Agency  from Czech Republic and was funded by Erasmus + programme.

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